10 Great Destinations for Travel Nurses

There are shortages of nurses in various locations around the U.S. as well as other countries, which means that travel nursing is in high demand. Along with demanding top pay, travel nurses can spend time in locations that they’ve always wanted to visit. While a nurse might work long, demanding hours, she should be able to spend time at the beach, visiting local museums or hitting up popular tourist destinations while living locally. These are 10 of the most desirable travel destinations for traveling nurses.

New York City, New York

For a travel nurse who wants to pad her bank account, New York City nurses can expect to make a decent paycheck. Unfortunately, that bank account might take a hit when it comes to living expenses. It’s still a great place that every travel nurse should visit one time in his life. If you can get a housing stipend, you might never want to leave.

Burbank, California

One of the perks and downsides of being a nurse is the hours that you have to work. Many nurses have to work the night shift, but that just means you can escape during the day to see things like a taping of your favorite talk show like Ellen or situation comedy like The Big Bang Theory. You could also take a studio tour at Warner Brothers or visit the Walt Disney Archives.

Boston, Massachusetts

There are over a dozen world-renowned hospitals in the Boston area. You’ll be getting some valuable experience and training that can propel your career while being in an area that is known for historic events throughout early America. Whether it’s architecture or history, the city is rich with sights and sounds that must be experienced once in a person’s life.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The beauty of being a travel nurse is that you’re able to spend a bit of time in any destination that needs registered nurses. Many employers in Sin City have a hard time finding nurses to fill all their open positions. While you’re helping out in the hospitals, you can also try your luck in the casinos or visit some of the biggest shows on the strip. If you want to stay away from the bright lights of the casinos, you can visit the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam.

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San Francisco, California

While this city has some outrageous rent and housing costs, it’s one that shouldn’t be missed if you’re able to swing the costs. You could room with another nurse or find out about a housing stipend from your new employer. You’ll be able to experience the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square and iconic Lombard Street. You might even head out to see the island of Alcatraz on one of your days off from the hospital.

Houston, Texas

With more than a dozen hospitals in the Houston area, there’s likely to be plenty of openings for a travel nurse. Houston is a place rich in outdoor activities too. They have many annual activities like the International Boat Show, Houston Barbecue Festival and the Japan Festival. Every month of the year, there’s a festival or an activity that travel nurses will enjoy. Along with great activities, there’s a low cost of living in this southern state that can’t be found in places like New York or California.

Miami, Florida

Miami is a great city to visit because of its beaches, but it’s also home to a number of hospitals where travel nurses can work. Nurses will find that they can find a number of things to do during their off time like water sports or tours of this beautiful city. There are also plenty of arts and culture to see in the city as well. Foodies can find plenty to tempt their taste buds in Miami too.

Chicago, Illinois

This populous city boasts some of the highest salaries for travel nurses across the U.S., and they have some of the best hospitals in the country. There’s plenty for nurses to do in their off time like see the Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Contemporary Art or the Navy Pier. Millennium Park has free events throughout the summer like the Jazz or Blues Fest too. You can experience the rich history that the city has to offer as well as spend time by the lake. Wrigley Field is an iconic location for anyone who loves baseball to visit too.

Atlanta, Georgia

This southern city has plenty of hospitals where they need qualified nurses. There’s also plenty for nurses to do in their time off from work. The pay is good while the cost of living is reasonable, which makes the state highly desirable for travel nurses. You can enjoy visits to the aquarium as well as local museums. Atlanta has a cultural aspect that can’t be missed. Foodies can appreciate the Ponce City Market, which has been transformed and renewed with many new restaurants.

Brattleboro, Vermont

When thinking of getaway destinations, you might not have considered Vermont. It’s a great place to visit especially in the fall with the foliage turning. There are plenty of great hospitals, and none of the rush like there would be in New York or Florida. There are incredible resorts and a low crime rate, which is appealing to many residents who make their home in the state. Travel nurses will love the state for the same reasons.

Whether you want to live in a bustling city like Las Vegas or New York or visit a calm oasis like Vermont, there are some cities where travel nursing is ideal. You’ll enjoy a great location to live while working at a hospital where you know your skills are needed. There’s something incredibly satisfying for a travel nurse who knows he’s doing good work in an understaffed environment. It doesn’t hurt if there’s plenty to experience from good food to great destinations like beaches and casinos.